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all around the world

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So, Rebekkah had not been to my place yet, and I guess I had felt that we should do things up the right way if she was going to spend some time in Queens.  As previously mentioned, we love looking at the Manhattan Skyline and just talking.  This evening we viewed New York county from Gantry Park, a relatively new park in Long Island City.  It was nice to walk through it on this warm summer night, as I have mostly visited in the cold.  This was a nice nigthcap after trying a nice Cuban restaurant, and hearing about Rebekkah’s trip there…..and also just walking through the neighborhood, caught in between the Citibank building across the water, and the Citicorp building a few blocks away.

The next morning, I introduced Rebekkah to Bayside as we had pastries and drinks at Martha’s Bakery.  I somehow avoided an early slice of red velvet cheesecake.







After that,we made our way over to Flushing Meadows- Corona park, where the camera got a lot of activity.

We sat and watched a children’s soccer game, while we enjoyed Italian ices, walked over to the lake and saw some cricket players suiting up, and then finished off with a visit to the museum and Unisphere.  Anybody that knows me well knows that I am completely enamored by the big globe……so seeing it with the fountains on was a treat.  I also got to see the NYC panorama for the first time., which is the miniature model of NYC as of 1992. The Towers still stand.

We made our way down to BK for a picnic at Prospect Park.  I bought too many dumplings to go with the spread of food that we already had, but I did enjoy them.  I was reminded again that I need to get Rebekkah a kite(yes a kite), and that some families are over-dramatic when they are out in public.

I dont know how it is that things have gotten so comfortable so quickly, but we spent a lot of time together that weekend.  Our friendship seems to mesh more and more each time we see each other, and everything just feels like second nature…..especially when you spend a lot of time outside.



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Jean and I met up one evening and took a walk to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. When we arrived we saw a group of Irish dancers and a small band of musicians. While there were a good number of people watching the dancing- I found the music kind of annoying- so when there was a break in the music Jean and I made a dash for the benches on the other side.

We’ve often sat and talked while looking at at the Manhattan skyline, from the promenade and other places (even other boroughs), but today I took some pictures of the skyline through the railing. The financial district against the sunset is really beautiful- but from this perspective it can seem like you’re imprisoned- in Brooklyn. If you actually look up, and look out, you can see that you’re not confined- that everything is open to you. This was interesting to me because it’s like the mental depiction of relationships for me. The idea seemed so limiting, so confining, as if i would be trapped, but once I was willing to change my perspective- I could see the beauty that was in front of my face all along. Oh yeah, and Jean being patient and supportive and just a good guy overall helped too.










just a lazy afternoon

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So I am a wine novice, and Rebekkah is like Wikipedia for Wine.  I am not intimidated when a woman knows more on a topic than I do.  In fact, it turns me on.  Just as long as I don’t end up sounding like a total idiot.

So, for a while, I wanted to take Rebekkah to the vineyards in Riverhead, Long Island.  This was to be a comfortable afternoon for bonding, and relaxing together.

When we went on a Sunday in May, the cloudy skies and quick downpour did birth a moment of caution.  Rebekkah scouted the weather report to see that we would be in the clear for later that day.

Martha Clara Vineyards is located on a stretch of land that was just beautiful.   If it wasn’t for the grapes, I think I would have just ran into the field and done some cartwheels.  We tasted more than a few of the selections at the bar, mostly enjoying their Rose’, a dessert wine, and a couple others. We bought a few bottle’s, including a Rose’ with a dog on the bottle, which we shared during the Memorial Day weekend BBQ.

Outside, there was a mini farm which was a wonderful surprise.  After our visit, we ran off for the nearby shopping outlets.  We did try to visit the only Sonic Drive In in the area on our way back, but the three block wait wasn’t agreeing with us.

Its always nice to take a long drive and leave the city behind for a bit.  The narrow roads and thick patches of trees are definitely plentiful on that end of the island, even though you are not exactly outside of modern civilization.  I definitely see us going back out there, perhaps to another vineyard, or just for another long drive on a lazy afternoon.

The unofficial start of summer

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Every time I get excited for summer, for warm weather (heat), cute sandals, outdoor picnics, free concerts, Jean always reminds me that summer doesn’t start until June 21. I maintain that summer is a state of mind. So when Memorial Day weekend comes along, I’m keyed up. For me (and pretty much every other New Yorker) it’s summer- time to maximize.

We spent a lot of time outside that weekend, including brunch at Riverbank State Park in Harlem along the Hudson. Gorgeous views of the GWB and NJ, but the service at the restaurant was the worst I’ve ever experienced- I’m NOT exaggerating. Jean did a good job of keeping my spirits high (you know I’ll get an attitude in a minute). We did a lot of people watching, walking along the river, and ranting about gentrification in Harlem and comparisons  Fort Greene.

That Monday we joined some friends for a barbeque in Fort Greene Park. The entertainment that afternoon was provided by project karaoke session, and a low budget music video being shot in the park. I wish I had taken a picture of these women and their outfits- but I was too shocked to think about grabbing the camera.



In addition to being the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day was the unofficial start of my obsession with Kracken Rum (not just because it lends itself to a number of really really awesome puns)-it’s delicious and like 94 proof! We topped off the evening with Kracken lemonade before literally running off into the sunset. It is Fort Greene after all- and getting shot is not the way to start your summer.







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foot fetishI think that the idea spawned from me saying that I need to turn Connect 4 into a bar game, and the adventures of such should be chronicled via a magic photography machine.  It was this past Saturday night as we were strolling through Brooklyn streets, letting our minds wander along with us. Rebekkah, being the idea generator that she is, added all the spices to the idea and we came up with a blog that follows all the cool stuff that me and my girlfriend do.

me and big hair girl

Yesterday was one of those overcast days that are warm and calm, and don’t prompt you from talking a walk, or lounging in the park, which is what we did.  I had never known that Rebekkah had such an interest in any type of sports, considering the forehead wrinkling that commences when I am zoning out at the local sports bar.  We were arguing over baseball strategy as we watched a field of little leaguers give it their all for an audience of their parents. Rebekkah says that their reactions were a lot more relaxed that the angry parents of West Trenton(no slight on Jersey, I love you NJ).

Even though it was only for a little while, it was the highlight of my afternoon to see her jump up and disagree  with the kids’ hesitated moves through the bases. She has some Steinbrenner in her blood.

One thing that we share is being simply pleased, especially outdoors.  I have also noticed that Rebekkah is a sneak with a quiet camera.  yes, I like touching her feet, but I didn’t know that would end up on the net.