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So, Rebekkah had not been to my place yet, and I guess I had felt that we should do things up the right way if she was going to spend some time in Queens.  As previously mentioned, we love looking at the Manhattan Skyline and just talking.  This evening we viewed New York county from Gantry Park, a relatively new park in Long Island City.  It was nice to walk through it on this warm summer night, as I have mostly visited in the cold.  This was a nice nigthcap after trying a nice Cuban restaurant, and hearing about Rebekkah’s trip there…..and also just walking through the neighborhood, caught in between the Citibank building across the water, and the Citicorp building a few blocks away.

The next morning, I introduced Rebekkah to Bayside as we had pastries and drinks at Martha’s Bakery.  I somehow avoided an early slice of red velvet cheesecake.







After that,we made our way over to Flushing Meadows- Corona park, where the camera got a lot of activity.

We sat and watched a children’s soccer game, while we enjoyed Italian ices, walked over to the lake and saw some cricket players suiting up, and then finished off with a visit to the museum and Unisphere.  Anybody that knows me well knows that I am completely enamored by the big globe……so seeing it with the fountains on was a treat.  I also got to see the NYC panorama for the first time., which is the miniature model of NYC as of 1992. The Towers still stand.

We made our way down to BK for a picnic at Prospect Park.  I bought too many dumplings to go with the spread of food that we already had, but I did enjoy them.  I was reminded again that I need to get Rebekkah a kite(yes a kite), and that some families are over-dramatic when they are out in public.

I dont know how it is that things have gotten so comfortable so quickly, but we spent a lot of time together that weekend.  Our friendship seems to mesh more and more each time we see each other, and everything just feels like second nature…..especially when you spend a lot of time outside.


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