The unofficial start of summer

Every time I get excited for summer, for warm weather (heat), cute sandals, outdoor picnics, free concerts, Jean always reminds me that summer doesn’t start until June 21. I maintain that summer is a state of mind. So when Memorial Day weekend comes along, I’m keyed up. For me (and pretty much every other New Yorker) it’s summer- time to maximize.

We spent a lot of time outside that weekend, including brunch at Riverbank State Park in Harlem along the Hudson. Gorgeous views of the GWB and NJ, but the service at the restaurant was the worst I’ve ever experienced- I’m NOT exaggerating. Jean did a good job of keeping my spirits high (you know I’ll get an attitude in a minute). We did a lot of people watching, walking along the river, and ranting about gentrification in Harlem and comparisons  Fort Greene.

That Monday we joined some friends for a barbeque in Fort Greene Park. The entertainment that afternoon was provided by project karaoke session, and a low budget music video being shot in the park. I wish I had taken a picture of these women and their outfits- but I was too shocked to think about grabbing the camera.



In addition to being the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day was the unofficial start of my obsession with Kracken Rum (not just because it lends itself to a number of really really awesome puns)-it’s delicious and like 94 proof! We topped off the evening with Kracken lemonade before literally running off into the sunset. It is Fort Greene after all- and getting shot is not the way to start your summer.







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