foot fetishI think that the idea spawned from me saying that I need to turn Connect 4 into a bar game, and the adventures of such should be chronicled via a magic photography machine.  It was this past Saturday night as we were strolling through Brooklyn streets, letting our minds wander along with us. Rebekkah, being the idea generator that she is, added all the spices to the idea and we came up with a blog that follows all the cool stuff that me and my girlfriend do.

me and big hair girl

Yesterday was one of those overcast days that are warm and calm, and don’t prompt you from talking a walk, or lounging in the park, which is what we did.  I had never known that Rebekkah had such an interest in any type of sports, considering the forehead wrinkling that commences when I am zoning out at the local sports bar.  We were arguing over baseball strategy as we watched a field of little leaguers give it their all for an audience of their parents. Rebekkah says that their reactions were a lot more relaxed that the angry parents of West Trenton(no slight on Jersey, I love you NJ).

Even though it was only for a little while, it was the highlight of my afternoon to see her jump up and disagree  with the kids’ hesitated moves through the bases. She has some Steinbrenner in her blood.

One thing that we share is being simply pleased, especially outdoors.  I have also noticed that Rebekkah is a sneak with a quiet camera.  yes, I like touching her feet, but I didn’t know that would end up on the net.


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