Jean and I met up one evening and took a walk to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. When we arrived we saw a group of Irish dancers and a small band of musicians. While there were a good number of people watching the dancing- I found the music kind of annoying- so when there was a break in the music Jean and I made a dash for the benches on the other side.

We’ve often sat and talked while looking at at the Manhattan skyline, from the promenade and other places (even other boroughs), but today I took some pictures of the skyline through the railing. The financial district against the sunset is really beautiful- but from this perspective it can seem like you’re imprisoned- in Brooklyn. If you actually look up, and look out, you can see that you’re not confined- that everything is open to you. This was interesting to me because it’s like the mental depiction of relationships for me. The idea seemed so limiting, so confining, as if i would be trapped, but once I was willing to change my perspective- I could see the beauty that was in front of my face all along. Oh yeah, and Jean being patient and supportive and just a good guy overall helped too.











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