just a lazy afternoon

So I am a wine novice, and Rebekkah is like Wikipedia for Wine.  I am not intimidated when a woman knows more on a topic than I do.  In fact, it turns me on.  Just as long as I don’t end up sounding like a total idiot.

So, for a while, I wanted to take Rebekkah to the vineyards in Riverhead, Long Island.  This was to be a comfortable afternoon for bonding, and relaxing together.

When we went on a Sunday in May, the cloudy skies and quick downpour did birth a moment of caution.  Rebekkah scouted the weather report to see that we would be in the clear for later that day.

Martha Clara Vineyards is located on a stretch of land that was just beautiful.   If it wasn’t for the grapes, I think I would have just ran into the field and done some cartwheels.  We tasted more than a few of the selections at the bar, mostly enjoying their Rose’, a dessert wine, and a couple others. We bought a few bottle’s, including a Rose’ with a dog on the bottle, which we shared during the Memorial Day weekend BBQ.

Outside, there was a mini farm which was a wonderful surprise.  After our visit, we ran off for the nearby shopping outlets.  We did try to visit the only Sonic Drive In in the area on our way back, but the three block wait wasn’t agreeing with us.

Its always nice to take a long drive and leave the city behind for a bit.  The narrow roads and thick patches of trees are definitely plentiful on that end of the island, even though you are not exactly outside of modern civilization.  I definitely see us going back out there, perhaps to another vineyard, or just for another long drive on a lazy afternoon.


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