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Philly part 1

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So a friend of mine decided to have her wedding at a Japanese garden in Philadelphia.  Her and her fiance have fallen in love with this city, and I know why.  I have had past experience being here, but this was the first time that I really had a chance to look.  And who better to look at it with than Rebekkah.

We drove down on Friday afternoon, and crossed the Benjamin Franklin Bridge to the sounds of the Jackson 5’s greatest hits.  Driving into any metropolis with a overpowering skyline is an experience that steals your gaze.  Philly’s postcard moment(dotted with the Liberty Towers, Comcast Building, and City hall) made me feel welcome.

After a little unwinding, our weekend got under way with a nice surprise as we ate dinner at a place called Zahav’s.  This middle eastern resturant was a nice surprise that Rebekkah had come up with, and it was definitely a great experience.  It was a long walk from the hotel, so I wondered if we were leaving city limits for something.

Typical to my new hobby, I had to get a Hard Rock Cafe glass on my way back.  4 locations down, 136 to go.  On our way back, we passed several blocks heavy with nightlife, and also pranced through Independence Hall.  Did I mention that Rebekkah loves to walk?  I do too, but Rebekkah REALLY loves to walk. Ironically, a visit to a great brunch place called Marathon was part of our Saturday.

That day started at Reading Terminal, and poked our noses in and out of the markets that make up the open-boundary shopping area.

There was an ice cream eating contest going on.  I didn’t know that adults and kids could be in the same competition.  We made our way over to the campus for the University of Pennsylvania, Rebekkah’s Alma mater.  I felt connected to her as she showed me a city that she loves through her eyes, especially when we went to the school.  I saw the walkways and castle-like buildings and felt that I was being welcomed to another side of her.  Sometimes there are interesting facts that you know about people, but they really hit you when there are people, places and things to attach them to. I enjoyed her tour.



Later that day was the wedding.

……did I mention that I forgot my tie?…………


King of the Book Club

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I met Jean last summer at a picnic for a meetup group my friends and I joined. Shortly after the picnic, I learned that Jean ran the book club for the meetup group. I’d wanted to be in a book club for awhile; so when Jean told me about it on one of our first dates, I decided that I’d give it a try and got started on “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, months later we’ve just finished “The Other Wes Moore”. I always tease Jean about having to be “king of the book club” and unilaterally making decisions on what we read and how we discuss the book- but overall he’s pretty good and guiding discussions, drawing connections between themes, and even highlighting various literary and plot techniques. Basically, if the book club has to have a monarch- he’s not a bad one to have.














Also here are a few more pictures from that night we hung out in Long Island City- which I want to re-emphasize was sooo awesome.