King of the Book Club

I met Jean last summer at a picnic for a meetup group my friends and I joined. Shortly after the picnic, I learned that Jean ran the book club for the meetup group. I’d wanted to be in a book club for awhile; so when Jean told me about it on one of our first dates, I decided that I’d give it a try and got started on “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, months later we’ve just finished “The Other Wes Moore”. I always tease Jean about having to be “king of the book club” and unilaterally making decisions on what we read and how we discuss the book- but overall he’s pretty good and guiding discussions, drawing connections between themes, and even highlighting various literary and plot techniques. Basically, if the book club has to have a monarch- he’s not a bad one to have.














Also here are a few more pictures from that night we hung out in Long Island City- which I want to re-emphasize was sooo awesome.



One Response to “King of the Book Club”

  1. LIC was awesome. need to do it again

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