Vacation, all I ever wanted….

Vacation have to get away… to the central American country of Belize (formerly British Honduras). This was Jean’s and my first official international voyage, and I do mean voyage. We stayed on a tiny island, Caye Caulker, 45 minutes from the mainland accessible only by water taxi.

This tiny place, which was probably like 4 miles around, has a few small hotels a number of hostels and several small shops and restaurants- that’s it. Most days we sat in the sun drinking fresh juice and relaxing, others we got a change to explore a little both on the island and on the mainland. I went on the most awesome snorkeling trip and saw some gorgeous coral and fishes and, since I’m hooked on the tropical beach vacation, gave Jean a few swimming lessons so he can join in next time.





I should also add that on Caye Caulker it’s happy hour every day until 8pm- so drinks are 2 for 1. And at $6 per rum punch, and a 2 to 1 conversion rate for dollars, you’re basically getting drinks for $1.50. It’s almost wrong NOT to order a pitcher. Oh and they have like 20 different types of TANG, like tamarindo, lima, duranzo/peach, mixed berry, coconut, cinnamon— so awesome. Jean tried to make fun of me for wanting to try them all- but when we got home and I made the Kracken Rum Punch with fruit punch flavored Tang- it was all smiles.


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