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Year One :Jean

Posted in Uncategorized on May 24, 2012 by OL

so I joked with Rebekkah the other day about if I thought we would make it this far, and I said that I thought that she would have gotten tired of me by now.




I think that the thing that most excites me about being with her is she is very smart.  Yeah i know that sounds like a cop out, but check it.  She knows exactly how to make me laugh when needed, knows exactly how to be supportive but not be a crutch for my continued madness, …….she has adapted to me pretty well, and I have learned how to count on her.


We have managed to survive three trips together, a hurricane, netflix addiction, and still managed to have fun.  I couldnt imagine the last 365 without her.




The Birthday Weekend

Posted in Uncategorized on May 24, 2012 by OL

so isn’t it convenient?   Her birthday is two days after mine…..and they are hovering around the weekend this year……so why not plan a long weekend?


Unfortunately, it all had to be planned with me still suffering from Bell’s palsy.  Tough time responding to “Cheese!’ when you can’t move the left side of your face. oh well, worse things.

Thursday night was my bday night, and it was all about drinks at Katra.  we had a nice turnout of my friends and a couple of Rebekkah’s as we chatted and laughed the night away.  Later, it was hanging out in Brooklyn Bowl while Biz markie dee-jayed for the crowded dance floor.






Friday was all about RE-LAX-ING!  It was our spa day, courtesy of Body by Brooklyn.  They did their thing.  we were a little skeptical because of some questionable reviews but we were pleased.  I actually got a good face message, which helped my condition a bit. I don’t think that there was a better idea for that day.  The evening came, and we sat down for dinner and music at Brooklyn Academy of Music.  We worked our way over a nice wine bar, and toasted at midnight to Rebekkah’s day.


Saturday night was the tale of two dinners as Rebekkah and her bestie dined in Manhattan, and I ate it up in BK with my friends.  We met up later with a group at Madame X lounge.






Sunday was another group get-together with friends…..a Bossa Nova brunch at SOB’s.    music and sangria made for a good time, and an end to a busy weekend with my lady.