Celebrate we will…

for life is short, but sweet for certain.

This was Jean’s and my first holiday season together- kinda like baby’s first Christmas- only without the personalized ornaments. A few weeks before Christmas I was on a business trip in California and I returned home to find that Jean had decorated my apartment- including putting up 2 trees, with lights, stockings, ornaments and presents. It was amazing. In things less amazing and more cheezy- I purchased us Christmas tshirts in lieu of tacky holiday sweaters.










For New Year’s we went to dinner at Pane e Vino, this newer spot on Smith Street. After a lovely meal, we went over to Prospect Park with a bottle of bubbly to watch the fireworks. The show was great, mostly because we were so close to the launch point. The booms were so loud that you felt the vibrations in your body- defs the top 10 of fireworks shows I’ve ever seen. Add to that a nice prosecco, an unseasonably warm January morning and an attractive man to kiss- I really couldn’t ask for anything more.











We rounded out the holiday season with a walk through Rockefeller Center for a  look at the tree and the store windows at Saks as well as a tour of houses with overboard totally tacky light displays aka the “true” meaning of christmas– wattage.




One Response to “Celebrate we will…”

  1. I actually question the reason you called this particular blog, “Celebrate we will
    jandrphotoworld”. Regardless I actually appreciated it!
    Many thanks,Jocelyn

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