5 points

So do you live in New York City?  Have you been to all five boroughs(or boros)?  Have you been to all of them in one day?  I was able to answer the first two of the three for a bunch of years now, but I came with the plan for us to do an eating tour while visiting all five boros in one days.  Aggressive? yes.  Crazy? Yeah, when we tell the story we do get those looks but we pay high rent so we need to take advantage of the city.

We started at about 1pm on a Saturday(late, as I realized later), at a Mexican Bakery and restaurant called La Flora.  There were a ton of beufitul drawings of flowers around the place, and some flowars depicted through nice broken tile art.  The food we had was a good way to compliment the brunch mood that we were in.

Next, We took a voyage to the boogie down Bronx for some Jamaican patties.  I was fairly familiar with the area from  work,and Rebekkah told me of friends that she had in the area.  We made our way to Champions Bakery for a of their patties and some drinks.  Rebekkah had a bottle of Ting, and I had some Irish moss, which she was surprised that I liked.












Since Rebekkah hadn’t been on the Staten Island Ferry before, we opted to use that method of transport to get on the island from Manhattan.   We trudged along and made it with some effort to a Sri Lankan place called New Asha.  This place was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s TV show.   We LOVED the food here. Dal, fish and other goodies.

We had tried to eat light at each location but we indulged here, which pushed Rebekkah to wonder if we could endure two more boros.  We went back to manhattan and got some cookies from a bakery called Milk and Cookies.

Being that it was 9pm, We were confident that we could make a quick drive to downtown BK fo0r some appetizers.

Our last stop was a Mediterranean restaurant called Zaytoon’s.  The decor there was beautiful and it was pretty quiet for a Saturday night.

We munched on a ladyfinger and some appetizers, and called it a good night. Five boros done at 1030pm.


One Response to “5 points”

  1. New Asha is the TRUTH. Go there. Otherwise do not attempt the 5 boro food tour unless you have an awesome plan for survival.

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