My friends Leslie and Andrew got married in Miami on 11/11/11. I was afraid for Jean to come to the wedding with me at first since we had to RSVP back in September and our relationship was still really new at that point- but months later we spent the weekend in Miami doing wedding stuff and hanging out with family and friends and it was all good.

Jean even bought a new blue pinstripe suit to wear to the ceremony. I was surprised how good he looked in it- especially since he picked it out himself. I think sometimes I underestimate him. I’ll work on that.











Jean’s sister and her children live in Boca, so we drove up there to surprise them one night. I found it hilarious that his oldest sister calls him Junior- and refers to him as Uncle Junior.

All in all it was a full weekend, friends, family, cafe con leche, black cake and one of those new gunmetal color Nissan Ultimas that don’t need real keys. I kept asking Jean if he would ever be interested in moving down there- where it’s warm all year round and pastel-colored houses are affordable- but he was not as sold on the pleasantries of southern Florida as I was (except for the cars).


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