San Gennaro and Halloween

On an unseasonably warm September evening Jean and I decided to check out Little Italy’s San Gennaro festival. While this day commemorates the feast day of a saint whose miracle is blood liquefaction, not much of that was mentioned- just your standard Italian American stereotypes from   sausage and peppers to canollis and the fist pumping Staten Island contingent.

We walked a bit, marveled at the tourists, and eventually picked a restaurant for dinner- the highlight of which included a waiter cleaning an entire table with one arm. After dinner we decided to check out some of the carnival games. We passed a booze truck Jean got a “piña colada”  drink with “rum” in a blue lady cup (free refills!). It was a good dinner and a great night of people watching. Not sure why they need 9 days of that though.










As far as people watching goes, Halloween is certainly the best occasion to do that. Add costumes to a random snowstorm and the fact that on even a regular Saturday the freaks come out at night- you have the perfect storm of weird. Jean and I went a club with some friends. Halloween is Jean’s favorite holiday- he plans his costumes like a year in advance. This year he was a genie, but everyone kept calling him Shazam (Kazaam).


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