Fall folliage

One the first Sunday in November, we went to Cunningham Park in Queens.  This was peak time for all the beautiful colors that fall has to offer.

I think that when you catch everything at the right time, its all beautiful.  Rebekkah is so smart.  She has all the types of trees figured out by the types of leaves, which we collected as we walked along.

Cunningham Park has what is somewhat of a secluded forrest just of the road.  That is where all of the magic begins. I think I walked into some thorns, but I am ok.   I like the beauty that fall brings along with the mystery.  When you hear the leaves scraping the street as they blow in the wind, its almost music, or a creppy scene out of a movie. In just a few weeks, Winter will surface and all of the trees will look like bony hands except for snow days.


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