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Labor Day Weekend part 2

Posted in Uncategorized on November 14, 2011 by OL

There are days of the year, like Chirstmas and birthdays, when certain friends or family members rise to the occasion as if they were quarterbacks leading a fourth quarter comeback.  Labor Day brunches are those days for Rebekkah.  She puts together these awesome meals and drink combinations which leaves the invited group to be merry and mellow.  This was my first year participating, so I expected a lot and got a lot.

Of course, the day centers around the West Indian Parade on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn.  It is a celebration of Carribean culture that usually draws about 2 million observers.  Rebekkah did her thing, cooking up pancakes with maple rum syrup, quiche, hush puppies and other treats.  To go with that, she quenched our thirsts with coconut rum mixed with coconut water, along with other rum based drinks.  It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, which made everything even more awesome.   I was Rebekkah’s special helper throughout the day, making sure things stayed on track.(not like she isn’t a one woman show).

The parade itself was loud and crowded as usual, but was also beautiful.