Full of Hot Air

Jean mentioned awhile back that he wanted to check out a Hot Air Balloon Festival. I figured it was an Ok idea, and since I’m always making him do stuff that I want to do (ikea, brunch, ikea, endless walking, Fairway, ikea) I didn’t say anything as we got up at 4:30am to head to New Jersey (without coffee). We parked in a giant field and walked over to the other field to watch the inflating which started at 6:30am. Even though I was lukewarm about the balloon fest at the beginning, it was SO MUCH COOLER THAN I EVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE- and way more visually stimulating.







My favorite balloons were the Spiderpig and the Penguin. After watching the take off we went to Quick Check for coffee (finally) and sat to watch a 5k run.







We visited all these sponsored booths and tried every type of beverage, snack bar, candy bar, and other random product available and I filled my grab bag of goodies. We ate a funnel cake while both Jean and I tried to convince the other one to go on one of the kiddie rides. I think they’re death traps operated by weed-smoking teenagers, Jean thinks they’re somewhat safe- and an excellent photo op. Needless to say, we both declined.


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