two rooftops and some dragons

Its amazing how spending the weekend with Rebekkah has become second nature.  I dont know how it has happened, but we can easily pick out a few activities and have agreat time, even when the weather isnt the most desirable.

Friday evening, Rebekkah came to Queens(looking really hot I must say), and we ventured over to Ravel Hotel for their rooftop lounge.  We got a great view of the 59th street bridge, Roosevelt Island, and yes, yet another view of Manhattan.(we are obsessed) The place was nice, and we are definitely going back.  We fell in love with their cocktails after the view.
















We made our way over to Jade eatery and lounge in Forrest Hills.  This place is also very please to the eye between its food, art gallery, large Buddah statues, and private lounge in the back.










The next day was the Dragon Boat festival.  It was amazing how many kites were in the air that day.  The boats were beautiful and the races were great. One team got disqualified for having a fiberglass boat(try again).

That night we went to a rooftop restaurant in Red Hook called Alma.  I could not believe that I had finished this large rack of ribs without exploding.  This time we had a view of lower Manhattan and Governor’s Island(slacked on the pics).

The next morning, before an Ikea run, I dodge rain drops to grab the Sunday paper.  We read the paper together and ate quiche that Rebekkah had made(yummy).  later that evening, we went to Tea Lounge to partake in some teas and dominoes.  We felt like an old Jamaican couple.


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